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 Marvel versus Dc Essay

Raphael John C. Santiago


Comicbook Companies: That is better?

" It's a parrot! It's a planes! No, 2 weeks . paper regarding the makers of those comic books! " There's no question that the battle between comic book firms will never end. But nothing stands apart more than the feud between Miracle and POWER. With both companies, having their ups and downs, we are able to only assess whose minute is now, and whose minute is coming. With character development and storylines are very opinionated to compare, like comparing a f with a great orange, we could only evaluate on having making more cash.

By a financial analyst's standpoint, Miracle would be the very clear winner. Wonder stocks have experienced a huge embrace the past few years, following grossing millions of dollars with the Spiderman movie by itself. Not to mention the large success from the Iron Guy films, it truly is no doubt that Marvel is much better in terms of making more money. Wonder stock has shown a definite boost with the release of the Spiderman series, and according to Chris Lefkow (2009) the business grew fiscally so much that Walt Disney decided to get Marvel Entertainment for 5. 24 billion dollars last year. (Inquirer. net, Disney will buy Marvel intended for $4B, p. 1)

From a movie critic viewpoint, the best quality of superhero films will be by POWER. Why? The very best superhero motion picture of all time would have to be the sequel to Batman Commences, The Dark Knight. Plot-wise the film is better than any other superhero film, containing levels and tiers of story twists and Oscar worthy shows from A-list actors, let alone a great overseer and team, as well as very acclaimed special effects and moments. No additional superhero movie would be able to compare to the standard collection by The Dark Knight when it comes to character interesting depth and plot while staying true to the comic. C. Robert Cargill (2010) explained, " Not simply the best comic book video ever made, it really is one of the best motion pictures ever made, period, and will forever have a location in every top ten list”...