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A Kidzworld member asked the Zone, " How many dimples will do a golf ball include? " We all put this question to the Sports Laboratory which now has the answer.

Rather than actually count every single dimple on a ball, we asked Bob Thurman, who checks and designs golf balls for Pat Sports. He admits that a ball usually features anywhere from 330 to five-hundred dimples - depending on which company designs the ball. The dimples ensure that the ball travel farther and higher.

Dimples first appeared upon golf balls much more than 100 years in the past when players discovered that golf balls which have been scratched or roughed up traveled farther than smooth balls. " Dimples are what gives a golf ball lift. They create two layers of air on offer the ball. The top part is going quicker than the bottom level layer which will creates turbulent flow. This decreases the move and enables the ball to travel further than a easy ball, " says Frank who is a trained engineer.

Several companies include designed golf balls with different numbers of dimples to permit the ball to travel even farther. This is quite a science and involves weeks of assessment and retesting. Companies can also design baseballs to suit the swing of individual golfers. So a ball employed by Tiger Woods could have a completely different dimple style than one used by David Duvall. The ideal ball will usually have between 380 and 432 dimples.

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