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 Red Half truths Essay

Rebecca Kinstler

Individual Marketing Program

14 December 2012

Business Summary

Environmental Analysis

Reddish colored Bull continues to be known for it is original energy drink, all their target market being college students and young adults. There is a product design that is popular and a taste that is loved by a large number of. Although this is actually the case, they may have come out with additional flavors of their energy beverage, to purpose more towards young adult females with their target market. Against Red Bulls competitors with had numerous flavors and varieties away such as List, Rock Star, and AMPLIFIER who have already experienced various tastes out to address the needs of numerous consumers.

Red Half truths is a little lurking behind on this; they have 3 different flavors but are still simply marketing that in the much larger cities. The competitors have experienced it out and in stores all over for a while at this point. The objective is for Reddish colored Bull to get their three or more other tastes out to be purchased by a greater consumer foundation in more than simply large towns. SWOT Analysis


Crimson Bull is definitely the leader with the energy beverage market on the globe with a 70% of the market share in 2012. Reddish Bull is known as a product that everyone in least is aware something about. Both they have tried out the drink or they may have heard of it and really know what it is. Reasons that Reddish Bull is well known is all the sponsorships that they can do. They will sponsor various sports, various athletes, and a lot of athletic events. Weaknesses

Even though Red Bull is well known they are lacking in range. Red Bulls competitors experienced other varieties out that open many to different consumers. Reddish colored Bull provides a distinct taste that only some individuals may like, whereas their very own competitors have sufficient other flavors that may be more fun to woman consumers. Opportunities

Red Bull has options that they can obtain new product away into a larger market. Rather than just keeping their several flavors to selling all of them in the bigger cities they can start offering them in their occasions or gradually integrate...