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 Global Recognition Essay


While just one challenging episode in a cross-cultural setting will not come to mind, I possess had a large number of experiences with people from distinct traditions and backgrounds all over my life. On the personal level - working with different ethnical norms, dialects and practices on a daily basis is now second nature in my opinion and an intrinsic part of my character. India is usually an amalgamation and a macrocosm of sub-cultures with multiple different languages, customs, religions, food, music and artwork. I grew up in a Gujarati speaking relatives residing in a Tamil speaking state in a country whose national language is Hindi. All of my immediate family lived overseas - Singapore (where my personal mother grew up) and USA, and both countries I have stopped at growing up. While I would be celebrating the Indian event Diwali in India, my personal cousin can be preparing for Thanksgiving and Christmas in Connecticut, USA. As being a professional by Cognizant Technology Solutions, I use worked with intercontinental clients through the United Kingdom and USA. Understanding and accepting cultural distinctions is vital to any multinational company, particularly in a service-based sector. An unfinished perception from the prevailing best practice rules can generate misunderstanding and conflict which could invariably lead to huge direct and indirect costs towards the organization. Living and working in a multi-cultural surrounding day-to-day demands an amount of understanding and popularity. At the same time, specially in a professional environment, we are instructed to make decisions and choices that need to consider an individual's customized. At Cognizant Technology Solutions, as a content material and style services programmer I instinctively learnt the right way to identify different clients' requirements and more significantly understand that the needs happen to be varied. Exposure to projects in numerous domains just like healthcare, insurance, banking and financial services has given myself valuable regarding the environment through which companies run....