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To get 400 years Nepal was obviously a Hindu kingdom, ruled by successive nobles. However in 06\ there was a huge uprising, millions of people took to the streets asking for democracy and freedom. Tasi Lama plus the head in the People's Freedom Army Commander Anant offer accounts from the uprising and talks about all their vision to get the change of Nepal, currently one of the poorest countries on earth.


Although he succeeded his father, Full Mahendra, when he passed away 39 years ago, King Birendra's official coronation was in 75. His rule saw gigantic changes take place in Nepal. In 1990 the the 'Jana Andolan' or perhaps 'People's Movement', a historical and courageous uprising of ordinary Nepalis, led with a multi-party political alliance, brought about the end of absolute monarchy, forcing King Birendra to become a constitutional monarch and catalysing constitutional democracy in Nepal. The Jana Andolan was remarkable as a result of co-operation between political parties with different idealogies, such as the Nepali Congress party and a range of Communist functions which banded together since the Usa left Front side. 11 years later he, King Birendra's wife California king Aiswarya, and other members with their family had been killed by simply Crown Royal prince Dipendra inside the Royal Massacre of 2001 (see the next Era inside the Timeline). The importance of the Jana Andolan may not be underestimated. If the Nepali persons took to the streets within their thousands in 2006 to bring to a end the autocratic guideline of Full Gyanendra, the movement was dubbed the 'Loktantra Andolan' (which roughly translated means the 'Democracy Movement'), nonetheless it was as well widely known because the SecondJana Andolan.