On-Hold Messaging, Taking advantage of a Captive Audience

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According to a recently available AT&T study, a lot more than 70% of business cell phone calls are put on hold for typically 45 to 60 secs each. 60% of the callers put on hold hang up the phone, and 30% of these that hang up the phone never call back.

On-Hold Messaging, Taking advantage of a Captive Audience text messages

The chance to get in touch with your customers is currently!

They certainly are a captive audience, and so are eager to hear you skill for them. While they will be waiting, which for a few business could be up to ten minutes or longer, you should keep their curiosity, keep them happy, & most importantly, retain their contact to avoid sacrificing them and their self-confidence before you even meet their necessities.

By making good usage of your on-hold messaging, it will be possible to:

– Hold your callers interested

– Increase satisfaction amounts regarding their experience together with your company

– Introduce services or companies for potential cross sells

– Provide additional information regarding your company in an agreeable manner

– Instill trust and assurance that you will be with them shortly

– Retain your callers while on-hold

– Cut costs by retaining the caller, eliminating the necessity to allow them to call again

To really capitalize on your own on-keep messaging, alternate courtesy text messages with marketing messages.

Here’s an example of a short On-hold Script.

On-hold Messaging Script:

Courtesy Message:

Thank you for phoning Extreme Sports Equipment and Mountain Bikes. We’re happy that you known as and appreciate your organization. According of your time, a person service representative will need your call shortly in order that you can get back again to the fantastic outdoors.

Music among messages for 30 secs or so suitable to your listening market.

Marketing Message:

Are you at our site at this time? If so, go through the “Special Present” advertisement on our website to take good thing about our Online Summer Sales! Anything detailed on our website is certainly 25% off if bought online. Enter the groove of Summer time early and save!

Depending on the common time that your visitors are on-keep, your on-hold script length will change.

For the average system where consumers are on-hold for 1-3 minutes, it makes sense to have got at least 2 courtesy communications and 2 marketing text messages, each communication timing out to specifically 30 seconds (:30).

Music should play among the messages for 30 secs (:30). This will bring about 2 moments of voice-over and 2 mins of uninterrupted music take up, providing you total of 4 a few minutes of on-hold messaging.

For devices supporting callers on-keep longer than 4-5 minutes at the same time, make certain that your materials is kept fresh new for your target audience, with at least 4 different courtesy text messages and 4 different advertising messages.

To accompany the voice-over, music can often be used as a second monitor in a voice-more than recording. Music may differ throughout or remain accurate to a style.

Music should reflect your organization as well as your customer base. If you are servicing an extreme athletics masses, the music might reflect that lifestyle and encompass some rock, smooth punk, or choice music genres.

Capture this prospect by sharing your communication while your visitors wait on-hold. With a robust on-hold recording and a specialist voice talent to provide your message, you will be well on the way to transforming callers into customers.


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